Production Information:

Designer: Peter Dean Beck
Shop: Kansas City Opera
Technical Director: Bill Collister
First Production:
Conductor: Robert Linder
Lighting Designer: Cindy Stillings
Costumes: Malabar Ltd.
Stage Director: David Bamberger
Stage Manager: Jill Cullinan
Director has first right of refusal. All costs associated with director accepting to direct are responsibility of renting company. If director is not hired to direct then see Director fee listed below.

Rental Costs:

Set Rental:
Fee: $12,000.00
Security Desposit: $2,000.00
Amount of insurance required: $125,000.00
Roalty to designer (10%) $1,200.00
Set Technician:
The Cleveland Opera requires a Set Technician to accompany rental scenery to all load-ins, set-ups, strikes, and load-outs. The cost of the Set Technician is the responsibility of the renting company. Set Technician fees break down as follows :
Fee: $250.00 per day including travel days
Per Diem: $65.00 per day including travel days
Round Trip Air Fare Provided by renter
Hotel Accomodations: Provided by renter
Transportation to/from Airport: Provided by renter
Warehouse Cost: $2,200.00
Number of Vans: 1
Size of Vans: 53′ Air Ride
14 day notice required for loading
All vans must be equipped with straps, load bars and blankets

Crew Requirements:

In Cleveland, the following crew sizes were used. Crew sizes may vary for the renting company, depending on its schedule, the size of its theatre, etc.
Set Up Running Strike
Stage Carpenters 12 4 12
Fly Men 2
Stage Properties 3 2 3
Stage Electricians 18 6 16
Carloaders 4 4
Approximate Time 12 hrs 5 hrs
The figures above represent union crewpersons and include a required house crew of 6 stagehands.

The scenery was constructed by union personnel for stagione presentation.

Set Technical Information:

Minimum Width:
Minimum Depth:
Total Number of Line Sets:
Line Sets for Scenery:
Line Sets for Electricity:
Line Sets for Masking:
Furthest Upstage Flying Piece:
Weight of Heaviest Flyer:
Height fo Tallest Drop
Tripping of Drops Permitted?
Dimensions of Largest Soft Flying Piece:
Dimensions of Largest Hard Flying Piece:
Dimensions of Largest Standing Piece:
Number of Ground Cloth(es):
Hardware Available with Rental:
Weight of Scenery for Shipping:

Original / Home Theatre Information:

In Cleveland, the production was presented at the State Theatre, which is described below:

Wall to Wall Width : 116′0″ Stage Depth (p.l. to back wall) : 68′ 0″
Width within Stagehouse : 110′0″ Grid Depth (p.l. to last line) : 65′ 0″
Wing Width SR : 19′ x 56′ Height of Grid : 90′ 0″
Stage PropertiesWing Width SL : 13′ x 56′ Number of Line Sets : 82
Depth of Apron : 5′3″ Load Capacity of Lines : 1500 lbs
Width of Proscenium : 50′6″ Size / # of Loading Doors : 3 @ 7′ x 8′ 7″
Height of Proscenium : 28′0″ Offstage Storage Spaces : U.S.C. 35′ x 35′

Projection and Special Effects Information:

Projection / Special Effects Equipment Used : none
Projection / Special Effects Available with Rental : No
Title Projections Available with Rental : No
Title Projection System Used :

Production Materials Sent:

Auto CAD File x
Floor Plans (1/8″) Available upon request
Sections (1/8″) Available upon request
Production Photos Available upon request
Appendix 1 x
Production Photos x
Production Photos x
Hanging Plot x
Deck Running Sheet x
Prop Running Sheet x
Prop List x

Please Note : If the inquiring company should elect not the use the production, then all production materials must be returned within sixty (60) days. If the production is used, all production materials must be returned within thirty (30) days of the final performance. A payment of fifty dollars ($50) will be required for materials not returned.