Opera Myth Busters

Opera can elicit strong opinions, and many people harbor preconceived notions about the art form. Here, we counter some of the common perceptions of opera.

If it isn’t in English, I won’t understand.

The use of monitors displaying surtitles (a translation into English) ensure you will understand every word. An act-by-act synopsis is also in your program. We also recommend our Pre-Opera talks, which take place in the theater one hour prior to each performance.

Opera is expensive.

Tickets to Le nozze di Figaro are $25-$110. Tickets to see Madonna in concert are $55-$350. Lends some perspective, huh?

Opera is only for a mature, elite audience.

Opera takes the audience into sweeping, vivid worlds of romance, comedy, joy, rivalry and madness. Opera is an all encompassing window into the human condition.

I’ve seen one opera and I didn’t like it.

All operas are different. You’ve probably seen a movie you didn’t like. Did you stop seeing all movies because of it?

I don’t know anything about opera.

We’re willing to bet you do. Opera is ingrained in popular culture. The hit musical Rent is based on La boheme while Hollywood has used opera themes in blockbuster movies such as Pretty Woman (La Traviata) and Fatal Attraction (Madama Butterfly). You may already own a CD by popular operatic singers Josh Groban, Charlotte Church or Andreas Bocelli.