Volunteer Opportunities

Pick-Up Artists

Be the first person our artists meet when they arrive in Cleveland.

Opera Cleveland is looking for responsible, friendly volunteers to play an important role: Artist Pick up! Our team of Pick-up Artists meet singers, directors and stage staff who are arriving at Cleveland Hopkins airport and they take them to their lodging in downtown Cleveland. Our Pick-up Artists should have a valid driver’s license, have a pleasant and cheerful personality and be familiar with the greater Cleveland area. For your help, you will receive a pair of tickets to a production dress rehearsal as well as Opera Cleveland merchandise.

If you are interested in volunteering a few hours of time, contact Cliff Wilson at 216.575.0903, ext. 211.

Light Walking

Ever wondered what it feels like to be in the spotlight?

After the scenery is put in place and the lights focused on stage, the Lighting Designer and Director spend many hours setting and adjusting light levels for every moment of the opera. These sessions are called “Cueing sessions”. In order to get everything “just right” the creative team must have people on the stage acting as “stand ins” for the singers and cast while the lighting is adjusted on and around them.

These sessions last from 4 – 8 hours. They can involve standing or sitting for long periods of time, but in general are not strenuous or physically demanding. Sometimes light walkers are asked to walk across the stage, hold a prop, or wear a certain color. Mostly, being a light walker is a wonderful glimpse into the inner workings of the artistry of opera and stage production. There is sometimes “down” time when scenery is being changed so you might want to bring a book, or even better bring some friends and come as a group. We usually need at least three people per session.

If you are interested in light walking, please email Cliff Wilson at Wilson@operacleveland.org or call him at 216-575-0903, Ext. 211 and he will schedule you according to your availability and the technical schedule for the show. Cliff will tell you how to get to the theatre, the available dates, where to park, and where to go once you get there!


Be an extra onstage in an opera.

Are you interested in being part of an opera production? Consider being a supernumerary.

While they are called extras in the film industry, the opera world refers to extras as supernumeraries. But both are actors without speaking (or singing) parts who appear on stage, often in crowd scenes. Casting for super roles often depend on a number of factors:

  • Requirements of the Director: He/she may often request specific types of people to help create a scene. For instance, a group of men approximately the same height who can play a marching band.
  • Costume size: Many Opera Cleveland productions rent costumes from other companies. Because the costumes often do not allow a lot of room for alterations, roles can be filled according to costume size.
  • Experience: Roles sometimes require certain experience and are cast accordingly. For instance, dance experience, lifting heavy objects, ability to take musical cues, stilt-walking, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a supernumerary, contact Cliff at Wilson@operacleveland.org or 216.575.0903, ext. 211 to find out more.